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Saturday, March 31, 2012

RESULT: Winner for the Lucky Draw for Coffee Bean vouchers

Hey yo all my readers! On 9th March 2012, I have posted up that readers can enter a simple lucky draw to win themselves Coffee Bean Gift Voucher worth RM30!

I announced that the result will be posted up on the 31st of March 2012, 10pm! And guess what! It is 10pm! Do you all want to know who the winner is?


The lucky winner is:

Congratulation Kar Yan for winner this lucky draw! You will be contacted via Facebook upon how would you receive the Vouchers!

To the rest that did not win the lucky draw, don't be sad! I will have loads more of prizes to give out in the future. If you have Facebook, please remember to Like me on Facebook [JoeLiveTheLife]

Once again Congratulations to Kar Yan! Please remember to proudly tell your friends where you got this awesome gift certificates yeah!

PS: Result have not been manipulated. Result has been randomly chosen via The Randomiser @ http://www.mathayward.com/randomiser/

Friday, March 9, 2012

LUCKY DRAW: RM30 Coffee Bean vouchers!

If you like free stuff, you won't wanna miss this opportunity to get these great Coffee Bean vouchers! I have here with me RM30 Coffee Bean gift certificate where you can redeem any Food & Beverage in Peninsular Malaysia (except Penang International Airport & LCCT).

Here is how to enter:
1. Like our Facebook page, Click Here
2. Share This Post on your Facebook Profile. (Your friends can join too!)
3. After doing these, just sit back and wait for the draw result!

Rules are simple, Like & Share! No Like, No win; No Share, No win. haha~!

Closing date of this lucky draw will be 31st March 2012! Draw will be randomly chosen by an automated system! I won't cheat! Result will be posted on 31st March 2012, 10pm! Stay Tuned! <3

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jessie J Live in Kuala Lumpur!

Wait, what I said? Yeah you heard it right! Jessie J is coming to Kuala Lumpur next month March presented to you by Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid! Whatcha waiting for? Here's the poster:

As shown on the poster, the concert will be held at Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon on 16th March 2012 at 8.30pm.

Early Bird's get 20% discount! (Valid till 15th Feb)

Tune Talk Zone: RM298 (RM239)
Party Zone: RM198 (RM159)
Regular: RM98 (RM79)
*In bracket are discounted price*

Purchase your ticket online now at TicketPro.com.my or visit Victoria Music, The Guitar Store & Rock Corner Outlet to purchase your ticket! Hotline: 03 7880 7999


Enjoy a little of Jessie J music before you go off to party with her on March!

Source: [TicketPro.com.my]

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lynas. Goods or Bads?

As per title, what do you think of Lynas? Will they do more good or bad? Let's take a look.

What is Lynas?
Lets not lecture here, I'll make it short. Lynas is a company that digs for rare earth. Done.

What is Rare Earth?
The image below shows the rare earth on the Periodic Table

Where can these Rare Earth be found?
Rare earth is not something you can pick up on the floor and claim it as rare earth. These materials are mixed up together with other materials. In order to get these rare earth, big factory (Lynas) have to break up the mixed up materials to get the concentrated rare earth.

Why Rare Earth?
Rare earth gives out less green house gases. Therefore reducing global warming


I believe I have answered as short as possible what Lynas is trying to do here. They claim that this method can reduce global warming.

On their website, they stated on the homepage "Zero Harm and Sustainable Development" but when you click into that page, it shows "Our goal is Zero Harm"... Wait a minute, Our Goal? My goal is to get straight A's in SPM but I didn't... Goals can fail you too...

Malaysians claim Lynas is harmful to human being and especially to younger children is because of the radiation that are released by elements while digging for these rare earth. Moreover, Lynas factory in Kuantan is located approximately 2km away from residential area and my Kuantan friend told me that area is a popular tourist spot!

Currently, many Malaysians are going ballistic over this issue and have been hosting protest all over Malaysia concerning this. Below is the timetable which protest will take place tomorrow, 26th Feb 2012!

Will you go for this protest? Share your thoughts please!

Below and some of the videos and photos about Lynas:



Remember to share your thoughts below at the comment box! Also, share this page out for your friends to discuss too!

Source: [Lynascorp.com] [Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia]

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's my birthday! The 21st!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Fireworks! Happy Birthday Joel Kuan~! hahaha... It's my 21st birthday now and at 4am, 23rd Feb will be the official time i turn 21. :)

I had a wonderful time replying all the walls and tweets, sms and text and even voice messages! It was fun! Look how i replied everything like a boss! Seriously Like A BOSS!

Anyways, I won't be able to host any party now, will postpone any parties till March. The reason is because my dad is currently in ICU and i wish for everything to settle down before i really go hardcore partying!

Before my dad was admitted, i had a few simple lunch and dinner with my friends...

^Jessie, Agnes, Myself and Zoey~! Happy Family!
^Stupid Jayz... hahahaha! :P
^Lets just call her Ms DJ Zoey! Woohoo! hahaha
^Had dinner with classmates and friend at Watami. In the photo, Yen Yen, Yen Yeng, Vivian, Nick, Chen, Chee Jen and Yvonne! hehe.... Love that dinner. <3
^This is the only photo i had when we had lunch at Ben's, Publika. With Crystal Khor.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Wedding Diary - The Movie

Talking about a movie this time around! I've just finished this movie 1 hour ago and the moment this movie ended, I told myself I must tell the world about this film and all may watch it! And best of all, it is shot locally, Penang and Singapore! It was released on 9th February 2012 and directed by Adrian Teh. Cast consist of Aniu, Elanne Kwong, Kara Hui, Marcus Chin, Shaun Chen, Chris Tong. [Adrian Teh's Wedding Diary Interview].

The movie entitled "The Wedding Diary"

Here is the trailer:

Here is the Synopsis:
The Wedding Diary highlights disparities between the bride's and groom's families, from wealth levels to social differences between Singaporeans and Malaysians with its divergent Hokkien and Cantonese cultures. To please his future in-laws, the groom Daniel agrees to hold an extravagant dinner banquet in Singapore. On the wedding day, Daniel is dismayed the angpow money given by guests which he plans to use to foot the bill goes missing...

My view:
This movie has sort of relate to my life on how things are. Love, Family, Friends and own struggles. Men sometimes have their own dignity and ego to keep but sometimes we forget that if we let go a bit, our life would be an easier place to live. This movie has really got me thinking a lot about my life and this movie is seriously meaningful!

My rating:


Go watch this movie before it the cinema takes it off air! Don't miss this local film!

Source: [GSC Movies]


Friday, February 17, 2012

The history of Joel Kuan.

Hey peeps, do you keep photos of yourself when you were a baby until today? I know I do, most of them are hard copy because in the 90's there were no digital stuff yet! But thanks to scanner, i can scan some of these photos! Check it out~!
^My very first flight to USA. See the date, 14/8/1991
^The baby has landed! In the USA!

^Ok I'm a bit older, taking shower in public! Pantless~!
^Hello, McDonalds? You should invest into making delivery! I'll be your No.1 Customer!
^On the way to Penang... High flyer!!
^Its 1995, 4 years old and Imma rock star with my pacifier  or when I was a baby I call it NeeNu.
^Chilling in the Tub, oops I meant bucket.
^Yeah getting older, Cameron.

^Standard 2 or 3. Forgot.
^2003, Yeah a bit older, I remember taking that bag for UPSR.
^Yeah yeah I had the Red eye. Don't ask! haha. I believe this is Standard 6, help me do the math. 2003.

^Somewhere in between Primary and Secondary

^The form 1/2 of the Joel Kuan
^Form 3 ya!

^Form 3~

^Form 4. :D

^Form 5 ya. The red tie~!

^Form 5 Convo

^Beginning of College

^Half way in college

^Almost ending college

^The final event we host for our final year in college

^Few more step before ending college!

^Yup. Ended college

^Slightly after college~!

^Now. 2012! Happy New Year!